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Waste Management

Our experienced team focuses on the minimisation of your waste management costs and creates a customized waste management service for your industrial facility.

We focus on delivering a value-added and complete service. From on-site waste sorting and management, to transport and logistics, recycling and final disposal. The cradle-to-grave process means that all waste is accounted for in any industry and for any need.

We offer safe collection, transport and treatment of infectious, pathological, sharps and pharmaceutical waste streams.

The collection of waste is a more specialised service than you may realise. And it’s done in a variety of ways.

Waste, Consider it sorted. In order to dispose of, or recycle waste, we first need to sort it.

Recycling is important for us as individuals, and a collective.

Landfill Management
Our promise? First do no harm. Our primary goal is Zero to Landfill.

Hazardous Waste Management
Safety first. We’re committed to staying at the forefront of waste solutions.

Pipe Inspection and Cleaning
Our pipe cleaning and management service is nationally recognised for incredible work in the field.

High Pressure Water Jetting
Our High Pressure Water Jetting services operate in the range of 100 and 3000 bar depending on the required application.

Cold Cutting and Hydro Demolition
Both steel and concrete can be cut using water and abrasive.

Catalyst Handling
As a full-service catalyst change out provider, we are able to remove and replace spent catalyst from process vessels in the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries anywhere in South Africa.

Industrial Cleaning
Focused solutions for your specialised equipment and processes.

On Site Waste Management
We provide tailored solutions to your specific waste needs. 

Customized Waste Management Service

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Awareness, Policy & Risk

We Organise and facilitate programs and awareness training to raise the level of understanding and responsiveness for all Safety, Health, Environment and Risk Management.

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