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PEPTHA is dedicated to the development and implementation of SHEQ systems to improve our clients business; add value; while ensuring compliance through continual assessment.

• Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Consulting
• Developing and Compiling SHEQ File
• SHEQ Policies and guidelines
• Statutory and non-statutory appointments
• SHEQ representative elections
• SHEQ Meetings
• Hazard Identification, Risk & Impact assessments
• Incident Managing (reporting, recording, investigation and analysing)
• SHEQ training needs, analysing and scheduling
• Hazardous chemical substances identification and control
• Mechanical Safeguarding
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy and Matrix
• Contractor Assessment and Control
• Standard Operating Procedure and Safe Working Procedures (Development and  Implementation)
• Checklists
• Toolbox Talks assistance
• Work Place Inspections
• Workplace assessment (Internal auditing)
• Implementation of behavioural observation systems
• Emergency Response/Preparedness Plan
• Fall Protection Plan Development
• Document Control 

Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Consultants

We understand exactly what OHSA is looking for.

Our Services

Mine closure and reclamation

Mine closure and Reclamation

PEPTHA provides knowledge and expertise on environmental protection and transitioning properties to new land uses.

We assist clients in the resources sector in mine closure planning and asset retirement obligations.

We routinely develop appropriate mine closure plans to meet project specific needs. 

Health & Safety File

Health & Safety File

• Compile and supply a site / job specific  Health and Safety files for all kinds of  projects.
• Audit Health and Safety file.
• Monitor and Maintain Health and Safety      file.
• Conduct Health and Safety Meeting.
• Induct and train employees on Risk  assessments, Method statements, Safe  working procedure, and fall protection plan,  to name a few.
• Do inspections on weekly basis and  generate Health and Safety report.
• Conduct Toolbox/ Safety talks
• Compile internal reports, and keep  records. 

Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation

Incident investigations are done to determine the root cause of incident or accident, in order to prevent it from happening again or to mitigate risk in future.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services

• Prepare Environmental Management plan.
• Environmental monitoring and auditing.
• Environmental Control.
• Training on NEMA 

Safety programmes

Safety Programmes

• Safety manual and policy development.
• Injury and illness prevention.
• Emergency response and business  continuity plan.
• Emergency response team.
• Site security and life safety assessments.
• Environmental programmes.
• Industrial hygiene programmes.
• Job safety analysis.
• Contractor safety programmes
• Gap analysis to identify SHEQ programme  deficiencies.
• Fire safety assessments. 

Process sheq management

Process SHEQ Management

• Job hazard analysis.
• Accident investigation and root cause  analysis.
• Risk Management plan development. (RMP)
• Process safety management and SOPs.
• Lock out / tag out.
• MOC reviews.
• Risk Assessment and Loss prevention  plan.
• Hot work permits requirements.
• Fire risk assessments
• PPE assessments.
• Task assessments. 

Risk assessment & hazard identification

Risk Assessment & Hazard Identification

• Risk Assessments are done as a legal  requirement.
• To determine exposure of persons, assets  and environment to hazards.
• To take all reasonable steps to prevent or  mitigate risks and hazards.
• To protect the security of all employees,  contractors, visitors, assets and  installations. 

Health, safety, environment & quality system

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality System

• Establish Health and Safety committee  appoint members and ensure that OHS  system and Quality Management system is  compliant and working.
• Includes Health and Safety plan,  Emergency plan, Evacuation plan,  Environmental Management plan, Quality  Management plan and Safe working  procedure. 

Safety & health training

Safety & Health Training

• Hazard communication including GHS and  use of SDSs.
• Injury and illness prevention plan.
• Hearing conservation.
• Safety programme responsibilities.
• Office safety and Ergonomics.
• Lifting and material handling.
• Chemical hygiene plan.
• Personal protective equipment.
• Electrical safety awareness.
• Lock-out or tag-out procedure for control  of hazardous energy.
• Machinery safe operation and certification.
• hazardous waste management & disposal  programmes
• Chemical hygiene plan.
• Exposure control plans (e.g. blood, fluids,  noise, dust and heat).
• Ergonomics evaluation plans and physical  evaluations.
• Hazardous waste generator inspection  reports. 

Awareness, Policy & Risk

We Organise and facilitate programs and awareness training to raise the level of understanding and responsiveness for all Safety, Health, Environment and Risk Management.

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