We aim to be the leading consulting company of choice when it comes to legislative compliance.

Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Consultants

Our Vision and Mission

We provide professional services solutions while focusing on high quality. To provide a hands-on, value added consulting services to our clients which would result in a long term partnership.

To obtain professional, cost-effective Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality consulting services to improve process performance, enhance company image as well as assisting in eliminating the risk of legal non-compliance.

Our Values

We value high standards of ethical conduct and honesty, openness and trust as keys to our relationships.

We strive for excellence in instruction and service, upholding high academic and professional standard, continuously seeking improvement in all aspects of our work.

We commit to honesty, fairness and equity. To perform work that adds value, meets goals and ensure that all areas function effectively and efficiently. 

PEPTHA specialises in the Development Implementation and Maintenance of Health, Safety and Quality systems for:

• Construction
• Civil Engineering 
• Building
• Mining 
• Petroleum & Gas
• Road and Earthworks
• Transportation
• Manufacturing
• Schools
• Environment
• Sub-Contractors
• General Industry 

We aim to be the leading consulting company of choice when it comes to legislative compliance, we are an organisation that endeavours to assist companies in complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (8 5 of 1993), NEMA, ISO 9001, ISO 14 001, OHSAS 18 001, Petroleum Product and Energy Act, 1990 (Act 13 of 1990), Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act, no. 2 of 1991, Petroleum Products and Energy Amendment Act, 1994 (Act 29 of 1994 ), Petroleum Products and Energy Act, 2000, Petroleum Products and Energy Regulations, 2000 and other applicable legislation.

Our approach to SHEQ is to capacitate the client in identifying and implementing cost effective solutions that create value.

We provide guidance, S.H.E.Q Management Systems, S.H.E.Q Audits and Relevant Safety tools.

We also develop, monitor and implement waste removal system. 


Saiosh Corporate Member
Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa

Awareness, Policy & Risk

We Organise and facilitate programs and awareness training to raise the level of understanding and responsiveness for all Safety, Health, Environment and Risk Management.

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